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Film (Actor)Year/DateCharacter
Underworld: Blood Wars2016Marius
The Velvet Abstract (Short)2016Narrator (voice)
Black Sea2014Lewis
Off the Page: Groove is in the Heart (Short)20th November 2014Mark
The Birthday Gift (Short)2013David
Nora (Short)2012Richard
Hysteria 2011Mr. Souters
The Door (Short)2010Man with the Wings of a Swan
Forget Me Not 2010Will Fletcher
Jackboots on Whitehall 2010Captain English/Monty (voice)
Anton Chekhov's The Duel 2010Von Koren
Atonement 2007Naval Officer
Casino Royale 2006Villiers
Pierrepoint 2005Lt. Llewelyn
Finding Neverland 2004Theater Patron #5
The Knowledge (Short)2002David
The Lowdown2000John
The Audition (Short)1998

Television (Actor)Episode/Season/SeriesYear/DateCharacter
The CrownSeason 3Prince Phillip
The TerrorFirst Shot a Winner, Lads (episode 1.5)16th April 2018Commander James Fitzjames
The TerrorPunished, as a Boy (episode 1.4)9th April 2018Commander James Fitzjames
The TerrorThe Ladder (episode 1.3)2nd April 2018Commander James Fitzjames
The TerrorGore (episode 1.2)26th March 2018Commander James Fitzjames
The TerrorGo for Broke (episode 1.1)26th March 2018Commander James Fitzjames
OutlanderUncharted (episode 3.11)26th November 2017Coco
Star Wars RebelsHeroes of Mandalore (episode 4.2)16th October 2017Tiber Saxon
Star Wars RebelsHeroes of Mandalore (episode 4.1)16th October 2017Tiber Saxon
OutlanderAll Debts Paid (episode 3.3)24th September 2017Frank Randall
OutlanderSurrender (episode 3.2)17th September 2017Frank Randall
OutlanderThe Battle Joined (episode 3.1)10th September 2017Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall/Frank Randall
Catastrophe(episode 3.4)21st March 2017Dr. Harries
The Circuit25th March 2016Sasha
OutlanderThe Hail Mary (episode 2.12)25th June 2016Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall
Game of ThronesNo One (episode 6.8)12th June 2016Lord Edmure Tully
Game of Thrones The Broken Man (episode 6.7)5th June 2016Lord Edmure Tully
Game of Thrones Blood Of My Blood (episode 6.6)29th May 2016Lord Edmure Tully
OutlanderFaith (episode 2.7)21st May 2016Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall
OutlanderBest Laid Schemes (episode 2.6)14th May 2016Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall
OutlanderUntimely Resurrection (episode 2.5)7th May 2016Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall
Catastrophe episode 2.38th April 2016Dr. Harries
OutlanderThrough a Glass, Darkly (episode 2.1)9th March 2016Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall/Frank Randall
The Night Managerepisode 1.627th March 2016Geoffrey Dromgoole
The Night Managerepisode 1.522nd March 2016Geoffrey Dromgoole
The Night Managerepisode 1.413th March 2016Geoffrey Dromgoole
The Night Managerepisode 1.36th March 2016Geoffrey Dromgoole
The Night Managerepisode 1.228th February 2016Geoffrey Dromgoole
OutlanderTo Ransom a Man's Soul (episode 1.16)30th May 2015Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall
OutlanderWentworth Prison (episode 1.15)16th May 2015Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall
OutlanderLallybroch (episode 1.12)25th April 2015Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall
OutlanderBy the Pricking of My Thumbs (episode 1.10)11th April 2015Frank Randall
OutlanderThe Reckoning (episode 1.9)4th April 2015Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall
Catastrophe episode 1.49th February 2015Dr. Harries
Catastrophe episode 1.226th January 2015Dr. Harries
Puppy Loveepisode 1.113th November 2014Alexander
OutlanderBoth Sides Now (episode 1.8)27th September 2014Frank Randall/Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall
OutlanderThe Wedding (episode 1.7)20th September 2014Frank Randall
OutlanderThe Garrison Commander (episode 1.6)13th September 2014Frank Randall/Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall
OutlanderRent (episode 1.5)6th September 2014Frank Randall
OutlanderThe Way Out (episode 1.3)23rd August 2014Frank Randall
OutlanderCastle Leoch (episode 1.2)9th August 2014Frank Randall/Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall
OutlanderSassenach (episode 1.1)9th August 2014Frank Randall/Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall
The Honourable WomanTwo Hearts (episode 1.5)31st July 2014Nathaniel Bloom
The Honourable WomanThe Killing Call (episode 1.3)17th July 2014Nathaniel Bloom
The Honourable WomanThe Faithful Husband (episode 1.2)10th July 2014Nathaniel Bloom
The Honourable WomanThe Empty Chair (episode 1.1)3rd July 2014Nathaniel Bloom
Silent WitnessCoupe de Grace (episode 17.4)10th January 2014Greg Walker
Silent WitnessCoupe de Grace (episode 17.3)9th January 2014Greg Walker
Doctor WhoCold War (episode 7.9)13th April 2013Lt. Stephashin
Game of Thrones Season 32013Edmure Tully
Black MirrorThe Waldo Moment (episode 2.3)25th February 2013 Liam Monroe
Getting Onepisode 3.621st November 2012Dr. Tom Kersley
Secret Stateepisode 1.17th November 2012 Charles Flyte
Getting Onepisode 3.47th November 2012 Dr. Tom Kersley
Getting Onepisode 3.224th October 2012 Dr. Tom Kersley
The Thick of Itepisode 4.620th October 2012 Simon Weir
Eternal LawSeries 12012Richard Pembroke
The Shadow Lineepisode 1.716th June 2011Ross McGovern
The Shadow Lineepisode 1.426th May 2011Ross McGovern
The Shadow Lineepisode 1.319th May 2011Ross McGovern
The Shadow Line episode 1.212th May 2011Ross McGovern
The Shadow Lineepisode 1.15th May 2011Ross McGovern
Law & Order: UKSkeltons (episode 4.6)11th April 2011 Samuel Cain
Any Human Heart episode 1.228th November 2010Ian Fleming
Any Human Heart episode 1.121st November 2010Ian Fleming
The Deep 2010Raymond Hopkins
Spooks episode 8.823rd December 2009Andrew Lawrence
Spooks episode 8.711th December 2009Andrew Lawrence
Kingdom episode 3.612th July 2009David Morston
Pulling episode 3.017th May 2009 Stefan
BonekickersFollow the Gleam (episode 1.6)12th August 2008Scott Wilson
Fairy Tales The Empress's New Clothes (episode 1.3)26th May 2008Aidee
RomeSeason 1 and 22005-2007Marcus Junius Brutus
Foyle WarThe White Feather (episode 1.2)3rd November 2002 Stanley Ellis
Ultimate ForceBreakout (episode 1.4)2nd October 2002 Box 500
Ultimate ForceJust a Target (episode 1.2)18th September 2002Box 500
Ultimate ForceThe Killing House (episode 1.1)16th September 2002Box 500
Midsomer MurdersJudgement Day (episode 3.3) 29th January 2000Jack Dorset
CasualtySeries 13 and 141998 and 2000Frank Gallagher

TV Movie (Actor)DateCharacter
King LearMay 2018Duke of Cornwall
Persuasion1st April 2007William Elliot
A Very Social Secretary 10th October 2005Keith
Summer in the Suburbs 10th January 2000School Psychologist
Longitude 2nd January 2000Halley's Secretary

TV AppearancesDate
73rd Golden Globe Awards10th January 2016
E! News12th March 2015

Simon Schama's ShakespeareHollow Crown (episode 1.2)29th June 2012
Simon Schama's ShakespeareThis England (episode 1.1)22nd June 2012
Sky ArtsAt Headlong Theatre's Decade27th September 2011

Documentary (Narration)(Television) (Voice)EpisodeYear/Date
ImagineEdmund De Waal: Make Pots or Die 5th November 2013
Up all NightThe Nightclub Toilet (episode 1.1)17th October 2013
Out on a Limo2012

Documentary (Narration) (Video) (Voice)Date
The Economist: Wooden skyscrapers could be the future for cities1st February 2018
The Economist: Carnival: origins of the world’s biggest party31st January 2018
The Economist: Obesity: not just a rich-world problem24th January 2018
The Economist: Are Americans trashing the English language 23rd November 2017

Theatre (Actor)Year/DateCharacter
Uncle Vanya5th February-26th March 2016Astrov
The Fever7th January-7th February 2015Man
Impossible Conversations2nd April 2014
The Hush17th July-3rd August 2013
Voices in Your Head31st May 2013
Rough Cuts: Searched23rd-26th January 2013
The Recruiting Officer9th February-14th April 2012Captain Plume
The Children's Hour22nd January-7th May 2011Dr. Joseph Cardin
King Lear29th January-28th March 2009Edgar
King Lear30th October-29th November 2008Edgar
24 Hour Plays: Get Tested11th November 2007Daniel
Cloud Nine25th October-8th December 2007Harry Bagley/Martin
The Cherry Orchard14th March-7th April 2007Peter Trifimov
The History Boys23rd September-26th November 2005Irwin
Serjeant Musgrave's Dance24th September-22nd November 2003Hurst
Three Sisters2003Tusenbach
Arcadia31st October-16th November 2002Valentine Coverly
Arcadia11th October-26th October 2002Valentine Coverly
Platonov2001Sergei Voynitzev
The Way of the World19th April-27th May 2000Witwoud
The Colonel Bird1999Deaf Actor

Radio Plays/Poetry Reading/Book Reading (Voice) (Actor)EpisodeDateCharacter
Words and MusicDystopia21st January 2018
The Long View28th November 2017
Book of the WeekRising Tide Falling14th July 2017
Book of the WeekRising Tide Falling13th July 2017
Book of the WeekRising Tide Falling12th July 2017
Book of the WeekRising Tide Falling11th July 2017
Book of the WeekRising Tide Falling10th July 2017
Comment Is Free5th October 2016
Words and MusicTrapped15th May 2016
Fifteen Minutes 24th August 2015Andy Warhol
Book of the WeekLandmarks3rd April 2015
Book of the WeekLandmarks2nd April 2015
Book of the WeekLandmarks1st April 2015
Book of the WeekLandmarks 31st March 2015
Book of the WeekLandmarks30th March 2015
Book of the WeekAs I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning20th June 2014
Book of the WeekAs I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning19th June 2014
Book of the WeekAs I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning18th June 2014
Book of the WeekAs I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning17th June 2014
Book of the WeekAs I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning16th June 2014
James Lees-MilneWhat England Owes (episode 1.3)10th July 2013James Lees-Milne
James Lees-MilneThe Unending Battle (episode 1.2)9th July 2013James Lees-Milne
James Lees-MilneSometimes into the Arms of God (episode 1.1)8th July 2013James Lees-Milne
John Charrington's Wedding30th October 2012
Book of the WeekMatthew Hollis: Now All Roads Lead to France19th August 2011
Book of the Week Matthew Hollis: Now All Roads Lead to France 18th August 2011
Book of the Week Matthew Hollis: Now All Roads Lead to France17th August 2011
Book of the WeekMatthew Hollis: Now All Roads Lead to France16th August 2011
Book of the WeekMatthew Hollis: Now All Roads Lead to France15th August 2011
Serious Money12th July 2011Zak Zackerman
Book at BedtimeThe Liars' Gospel16th November 2010
Book at BedtimeThe Liars' Gospel15th November 2010
Book at BedtimeThe Liars' Gospel14th November 2010
Book at BedtimeThe Liars' Gospel13th November 2010
Book at BedtimeThe Liars' Gospel12th November 2010
A Nice Little Holiday30th September 2010Tony Richardson
Every Duchess in England23rd January 2010Oswald Mosley
Lufthansa Festival of Baroque MusicTwenty Minutes: The Clarinet Players 16th May 2005
BBC Proms 1st September 2004
The Colonel Bird
The Duel

Audio Books (Voice)Year/Date
Ever Truly Yours: Reflections on Love2014
Vile Bodies23rd September 2008

Speech (Video)Date
Figures of Speech; Series 326th March 2018

Public ReadingDate
Choose Love: An Evening of Poetry in Support of Refugees19th February 2018
Gosford Park Film Reading18th February 2018
Letters Live 20165th October 2016
The Fourth Choir: The Dark Lady and the Tender Churl23rd April 2016
David's Byrne's Meltdown 2015: Matthew Herbert 23rd August 2015
Almeida Greeks Festival: The Iliad14th August 2015
London Orpheus Choir: Fanfare for Christmas17th December 2014
Oxford's 2014 Spirit of Christmas Carol Concert3rd December 2014

TV InterviewsDate
Access Hollywood13th March 2015
Home and Family12th March 2015
E! News8th August 2014
Access Hollywood 23rd May 2014
Entertainment Tonight Canada6th May 2014

Radio InterviewsDate
Remote Controlled8th September 2017
SiriusXM1st April 2015
Front Row7th January 2015
Entertainment Weekly Radio25th July 2014

Commercials (Voice)
Mercedes Benz
Hellmann's Mayonnaise
British Airways

Commercials (Actor) (Introduction)Date
AMC Spain: The Terror Season 121st March 2018

DVD InterviewsYear
Outlander Season 2: Designing History: The Costumes of Outlander2016
Outlander Season 2: Outlander: The Characters of Season 22016
Outlander Season 2: Outlander Jamie and Claire: To Hell and Back2016
Outlander Season 2: From Scotland to Paris: A Behind the Scenes Journey with Outlander2016
Outlander Season 1: A Triangle in Time2015
Outlander Season 1: Casting Outlander2015
Game of Thrones Season 3: Invitation to the Set2013
Rome Season 2: Antony and Cleopatra2007

Internet Interviews (Videos)Date
Hey U Guys16th April 2018
Filmozercy5th April 2018
Entertainment Tonight Canada4th April 2018
Sensacine3rd April 2018
Formula TV3rd April 2018
EL PAIS3rd April 2018
Red Carpet News TV1st April 2018
Movie'n'co UK 29th March 2018
BT26th March 2018
AMC UK22nd March 2018
AMC Spain20th March 2018
SYFY Wire 19th March 2018
AMC13th March 2018
AMC13th February 2018
IGN12th February 2018
Starz25th September 2017
Golden Globes13th September 2017
E!8th September 2017
Marie Claire7th August 2017
TV Guide2nd August 2017
Entertainment Weekly24th July 2017
IMDb24th July 2017
SYFY Wire 23rd July 2017
TV Line21st July 2017
Entertainment Tonight21st July 2017
Entertainment Tonight3rd March 2017
Hey U Guys9th October 2016
Access Hollywood9th July 2016
Access Hollywood9th July 2016
Outlander9th May 2016
Elle29th April 2016
Collider10th April 2016
TV Line9th April 2016
Access Hollywood9th April 2016
Yahoo8th April 2016
E! News7th April 2016
Laura Byrne-Cristiano7th April 2016
That's Normal7th April 2016
Behind The Velvet Rope7th April 2016
Justine Browning7th April 2016
Justine Browning 5th April 2016
Indiewire4th April 2016
Access Hollywood4th April 2016
TV Insider9th February 2016
TV Guide11th January 2016
Guardian5th January 2016
Almeida Theatre: The Iliad 16th October 2015
GoldDerby2nd June 2015
Zap2it16th May 2015
Yahoo1st May 2015
Zap2it27th April 2015
Access Hollywood4th April 2015
Young Hollywood4th April 2015
BuzzFeed3rd April 2015
In the Lab NYC3rd April 2015
Wall Street Journal3rd April 2015
That's Normal 3rd April 2015
Access Hollywood1st April 2015
Pop Sugar24th March 2015
That's Normal13th March 2015
HiFix13th March 2015
Seat42F13th March 2015
Happy Cool 13th March 2015
Access Hollywood13th September 2014
Outlander TV News 23rd August 2014
Fox News Magazine11th August 2014
People8th August 2014
TV Guide Magazine 7th August 2014
Access Hollywood6th August 2014
Pop Sugar1st August 2014
TV Line31st July 2014
Visit Scotland30th July 2014
Rotten Tomatoes30th July 2014
Arise Entertainment 36029th July 2014
That's Normal27th July 2014
The TV Addict26th July 2014
Laura Byrne-Cristiano26th July 2014
IGN26th July 2014
Yahoo26th July 2014
Seat 42f26th July 2014
Access Hollywood25th July 2014
Happy Cool 25th July 2014
Access Hollywood2nd May 2014
Commeaucinema22nd October 2008

Conventions (Television)Date
Creation Entertainment Official Outlander Convention17th-19th August 2018
Starfury: The Highlanders 310th-12th August 2018
San Diego Comic-Con International 2017: Outlander Season 321st July 2017
San Diego Comic-Con International 2014: Outlander Season 125th and 26th July 2014

Moderate (Television) (Cinema) (Q and A)Date
Getting On Series 322nd October 2012

Internet Programme (Q and A)Date
AOL Build 7th April 2016

Theatre (Q and A)Date
Almeida Theatre: Uncle Vanya 7th March 2016

Television (Q and A)Date
AMC Spain: The Terror Season 120th March 2018
Apple Store: Outlander Season 26th April 2016

Internet (Website) (Voice)YearCharacter
James Bond: Casino Royale2006Villiers

Internet (Twitter) (Q and A)Date
Underworld: Next Generation6th January 2017
Outlander Season 1 (Part 2) 13th March 2015
Outlander Season 112th September 2014

Internet (Facebook) (Q and A)Date
AMC UK: The Terror Season 122nd March 2018

Rally (Speaker)Date
Stop TTIP 10th October 2015

Organization (Video)Date
ERA 50:50: We are Equal Representation For Actresses1st March 2018
Artists Against TTIP23rd October 2015

Panel (Q and A)Date
2018 Winter Television Critics Association13th January 2018
2018 Winter Television Critics Association28th July 2017
Outlander Season 2: From Scotland to Paris: A Behind the Scenes Journey5th April 2016
Writers Bloc Event: A Tribute to Outlander3rd April 2016
Uncle Vanya7th March 2016
32nd Annual PaleyFest LA12th March 2015
92nd Street Y Presents: Outlander28th July 2014

Festival (Press Conference) (Televison)Date
68th Berlin International Film Festival21st February 2018

Workshop (Theatre) (Teaching)Date
Making a Monologue Getting From Half and Idea to Performance10th and 11th July 2017

PortraitistRory Lewis1st August-25th September 2018

Trading CardsYear
Outlander Season 22017
Game of Thrones Season 6April 2017
Outlander Season 12016
Game of Thrones Season 32014
Casino Royale2006

Book (Front Cover)Date
The Terror (TV Tie-In) Book6th March 2018

Outlander Season 2 Part 22018
Outlander Season 22017
Outlander Season 12016